Model Agreement for Summary Procedure


This agreement is between                                 (name and address of the initiating party) and ___________________(name and address of the other party or parties).


IN           THE    MATTER     RELATING     TO __________________________The parties to  this Agreement agree as follows:


WHEREAS the parties desire to resolve their disputes by the Delhi International Arbitration Centre following its Summary Procedure.


WHEREAS the parties hereby undertake to dispense with the requirement of oral evidence and agree  that  the Arbitration  Proceedings  be  held  on  the  basis  of documents only.


WHEREAS the parties hereby waive their right to present oral evidence and agree that the award made by the Arbitral Tribunal following the Summary Procedure of the Centre shall be final and binding on the parties.


AND WHEREAS the parties hereby undertake to strictly adhere to the time schedule drawn up for hearing under the Summary Procedure.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, THIS Agreement has been signed on this_____ Day of______ Month of______(year) at_______ by:


1.                 for and on behalf of                         .

2.                   for and on behalf of                         .