Model Arbitration Clause

For Arbitration of Contractual Disputes: 

Parties to an agreement who agree to resolve their disputes and differences in accordance with the Delhi International Arbitration Centre (Arbitration Proceedings) Rules, and to have the Centre as appointing authority and/ or provide administrative services, may use the following  provisions in their contract:

"All dispute and differences arising out of or in connection with or relating to the  present agreement shall be settled under the Rules of Delhi  International Arbitration  Centre  by  one  or  more  arbitrators appointed in accordance with its Rules.

 Note    : Parties may consider adding the following:

(a)     The number of arbitrator(s) shall be                    .

(b)    The language of the arbitration proceedings shall be                .

(c)     Specific  qualifications  of  the  arbitrator(s)  including language, technical qualifications and experience, if any.

(d)    The place of arbitration shall be the Delhi International Arbitration Centre at Delhi.